Digital Marketing Maturity

Camp #3 / The Demand Generation


Understanding the challenges of Demand Generation

Discover how to pave the way for demand generation, an essential step to reach digital maturity and move towards the customer experience.

In the previous step, you deployed your marketing automation project: you automated existing campaigns, aligned marketing and sales, optimized email deliverability and connected CRM and marketing automation.

Discover in this step how to add the extra brick with demand generation:
  • Build your ambassador communities by refining your social media management strategy
  • Refine inbound and outbound campaigns by linking them
  • Enrich customer knowledge by collecting and analyzing implicit data and tracking your lead acquisition
  • Define lead scoring rules
  • Bring up the voice of the customer.

Discover the main steps of the transformation towards the maturity of your digital marketing in an infographic:

Discover Sylvain Davril's article to understand the challenges of demand generation:

To learn more about demand generation, visit our website:
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