Digital Marketing Maturity

Camp #2 / The Marketing Automation project


Make your Marketing Automation project a success

At this stage, you will begin the deployment of your marketing automation solution.

The marketing automation project is an essential step to reach the maturity of your B2B digital marketing.

In the previous step (camp #1) you have already built a robust organization, defined and personified your targets by building buyer personas, delimited your content strategy, transformed your website and chosen your marketing automation solution.

Discover in preparation for camp #2 how to align marketing and sales, before you can connect the CRM and your marketing automation tool to automate existing outbound campaigns. You will then see how to optimize email deliverability.

Discover the major steps to transform your digital marketing maturity in an infographic:

Make your Marketing Automation project a success by reading this detailed article:
To learn more about the preparation of camp #2 and the transformation project of your B2B digital marketing, go to our website:
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