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Marketo tip #54 - Smart form on web site

πŸ‘‘ Arthur has decided to completely renovate the large castle gate that welcomes all visitors.

He want the welcome process to be able:
πŸ‘‰ to recognize the visitors,
πŸ‘‰ ask them personalized questions based on the number of visits
πŸ‘‰ propose them direction guides based on their behavior
πŸ‘‰ review regularly their whole information set

Lucky for him, we can do all that with Adobe Marketo forms, with a bit of magic and genius !

I show you in this #marketotip a smart form on my website with the following functionalities
πŸ‘‰ prefill based on the cookie + possibility to remove the cookie
πŸ‘‰ smart progressive profiling (I decide the empty fields I want to be displayed at each touch)
πŸ‘‰ smart form exits
πŸ‘‰ possibility to review all information entered so far
πŸ‘‰ force review after 6 months

Should you want to play with the form, click here
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