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Marketo tip #50 - Use Marketo Moments to track your operations on the go

🐴 How do you keep track of ongoing campaigns when you're on the move?

🤴 Arthur is on the Saxon border and would like to keep an eye on what the Knights left in Camelot are launching.

It's so easy to make a mess in your #marketingautomation when you're not looking at "four eyes".

Fortunately, Arthur has a crystal ball in his pocket connected to Marketo Moments, from Adobe Marketo.

He can follow the progress of the campaigns of the moment, take a look at the emails that are going to go out, their design, the targeting... and stop everything if he detects a typo.

👇 I show you how to use this app in three minutes.

 I also invite you to join us every Friday at 10am for 1 hour of discussion, questions and sharing of Marketo best practices.

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DealsPaws January 02, 2024 09:09 PM Delete

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.

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