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Marketo Tip #07 - Triggers or real-time marketing in Marketo

πŸ°βœ¨πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Here at #MerlinLeonard, we love a good tale of strategy and cunning.

Imagine King Arthur, alert and ever-watchful in his castle, his kingdom - the market; his knights - his stalwart team; his scheming stepsister Morgana - the unexpected visitor. 🏹

Suddenly, a magical signal flares - it's not Excalibur, but something as powerful - a #MarketoTip! πŸ’‘

Guided by our very own modern-day Merlin, Sylvain Davril πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ, King Arthur learns to master the magic of Marketo's real-time triggers. Now, he can predict and plan actions based on Morgana's future moves. A clairvoyant king? You bet!

As Morgana fills out the form at the castle's entry, Arthur is instantly alerted. His knights are promptly warned. Like a true commander, he sends real-time messages to his team, his rallying cry echoing in the grand halls. 🏰

Thanks to the spell of journey tracking, Arthur is able to follow Morgana's progression inside the castle. Every step she takes, every move she makes, he'll be watching, ready to take evasive action when needed. No surprises on his watch!

Arthur isn't merely reacting, he's anticipating. Thanks to the power of #MarketoTriggers, he transforms his castle into a stronghold of real-time engagement and response.

Become the King Arthur of your market with #MerlinLeonard. Harness Marketo's power to turn customer data into an ally. Join us as we continue our quest to elevate customer engagement to legendary heights. With our #MarketoTips, you too can make your realm a tale of success that even the bards will sing about! 🎡

For more mystical insights, visit our realm:!

Join us too for a grand round table every Friday at 10am for a free hour of discussion, questions, and sharing of Marketo best practices. 

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