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Maximize Engagement with Marketo Content Downloads : Sylvain Davril's Secrets

Dear digital marketing enthusiasts, welcome to a new era where the magic of Marketo transforms every content download into an unprecedented engagement opportunity. At our latest Marketo Office Hours event, I had the pleasure of taking you behind the scenes of content download optimization strategies, a quest where choice and strategy intertwine to capture the very essence of customer engagement.

Between Gated and Not Gated: A Quest for Value

In Marketo's ledger, the question of whether to make content Gated (protected by a form) or Not Gated (freely accessible) is akin to choosing between the potion of visibility and the spell of knowledge. Every piece of content, like a magical artifact, carries with it the promise of value: this value must be powerful enough to justify the sharing of personal information by our visitors.

Our philosophy? Only content that enchants and informs deserves to be kept behind the doors of a form.

Mapping forms: where to place them in the Digital Kingdom?

Like the decision to position a secret room in a castle, choosing where to place your forms between your site pages or Marketo LPs is strategic. Imagine the LPs as isolated workshops, à la Leonardo, where every creation is possible without the intervention of the guardians of the kingdom (the IT team). This autonomy must not, however, blind us to the need for cohesion with the main kingdom (the website), ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Wisdom of Progressive Profiling and the UTM Stars

Progressive Profiling is like gradually unveiling an ancient grimoire, page after page, revealing ever more personalized secrets to each visitor without ever overwhelming them with questions.

UTM markers, on the other hand, are our guiding stars through the night: they reveal the paths taken by visitors before arriving at our doors, offering us invaluable insights into their journeys.

Conclusion: Weaving legends of engagement

Optimizing content downloads on Marketo transcends the simple Gated/Not Gated dichotomy. It's a subtle alchemy that balances value, user experience and intelligence gathering, all in harmony with the magical tools of our time.

At Merlin/Leonard, our vocation is to guide you through this enchanted forest, peppering your journey with magical moments and memorable encounters.

Remember: every download is a gateway to a world of engagement. It's up to us to make this passage as rewarding and captivating as possible.

See you next time for new adventures in the realm of marketing automation!

Sylvain Davril, your engagement conjurer and customer experience architect.
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