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Transform Your Marketo Marketing with OTOWUI: Discover in Video How to Create Beautiful Marketo Email and LPs Templates

Welcome to our TwentyThree platform, where you'll discover the power of OTOWUI in action. I'm Sylvain Davril from Merlin/Leonard, and I'm here to show you how OTOWUI is revolutionizing the creation of Marketo email templates and LPs, enriching your digital marketing.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:44 Comparative analysis
  • 05:01 OTOWUI presentation  and Branding management
  • 10:48 Email Template creation Netflix Example
  • 18:38 Content added through RSS
  • 21:01 Email Template advanced settings
  • 21:31 OTOWUI Email pushed in Marketo
  • 27:18 Marketo form on LP
  • 30:35 Advanced settings (css, jscript, custom fonts)
  • 33:40 How does Otowui guarantee rendering?
  • 37:20 Offer structure
  • 41:00 GDPR

The need to impress at first sight

Your digital marketing strategy starts with captivating designs. Emails and LPs are the first points of contact between your brand and your audience. However, creating eye-catching yet functional designs is a constant challenge. Until now, the options available have always presented certain constraints, whether in terms of design or flexibility.

OTOWUI: An Innovative Solution for Impactful Designs

OTOWUI is a game-changer. This SaaS platform gives you creative freedom with seamless integration into Marketo. With OTOWUI, you benefit from :

  1. Easy creation: an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for customized designs.
  2. Dynamic elements: enrich your templates with animations and parallax effects for an enhanced user experience.
  3. Reliability and compatibility: templates that adapt perfectly to all email clients, without bugs.
  4. Full integration with Marketo, for maximum efficiency.

Practical demonstration with Netflix

In our video hosted on TwentyThree, you'll see Charles Thiery use OTOWUI to create templates for Netflix. He demonstrates how easy it is to create consistent branding, insert logos, select fonts and colors, and integrate them into elegant, functional templates.

Customization and adaptability

OTOWUI stands out for its flexibility. Whether you want to create a unique branding for your company or quickly adapt your templates to new campaigns, OTOWUI meets these needs with remarkable efficiency.

Conclusion: A Revolution in Marketo Template Creation

In short, OTOWUI is not just a tool, but an essential partner for any Marketo user looking to stand out from the crowd with exceptional email templates and LPs. Discover in our TwentyThree video how OTOWUI combines ease of use, personalization, and integration with Marketo to transform your digital marketing.

Join us for an immersive experience and discover the potential of OTOWUI in the creation of your next Marketo templates.
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