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Explore Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo: Amplify Real-time Customer Interaction

Welcome to the innovative world of digital marketing, where every tool counts in shaping the customer experience. At Merlin/Leonard, our constant quest for cutting-edge solutions leads us to examine Marketo's revolutionary features, including Dynamic Chat and LiveChat. Our latest "Marketo Office Hours" video, hosted by yours truly, Sylvain Davril, focuses on these tools, revealing their potential to transform online customer engagement.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:09 Chatbot setup and Adobe Admin Console
  • 04:53 Dialogues vs Conversation Flow
  • 20:57 Chatbot filters and triggers
  • 24:25 Dialog scenarios - Callback and Live Chat
  • 26:09 Setup of LiveChat profiles 
  • 36:29 Questions and Answers

The potential of Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo :

These revolutionary Marketo tools offer real-time, personalized communication with your website visitors. They act as a bridge between customers' immediate needs and the rapid solutions your team can provide, creating an enriched user experience conducive to conversion.

Key Benefits :

  1. Increased responsiveness: LiveChat facilitates immediate interaction, eliminating response delays and boosting customer satisfaction.
  2. Deep personalization: Dynamic Chat offers tailor-made interactions, in line with individual user needs and preferences.
  3. Easy Integration: These tools integrate seamlessly into your Marketo ecosystem, enabling efficient management and detailed analysis of customer interactions.

Implementation :

  1. Initial configuration: Access Dynamic Chat via to configure user rights and customize the tool to your brand image.
  2. Website integration: Ensure seamless interaction by integrating Dynamic Chat with your website.
  3. Conversational Flow Management: Enable interactions based on specific user actions, such as navigating a page or submitting a form.

Real-life example:

Imagine a potential customer visiting your site and interacting with a form. Dynamic Chat launches immediately, offering a personalized exchange and the possibility of setting up an appointment with a sales representative. This instant interaction promotes conversion and enriches the customer experience.


The adoption of Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo marks a major step forward in the way we interact with customers online. At Merlin/Leonard, we're passionate about these new technologies and their potential to revolutionize digital marketing.
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