Who is Merlin/Leonard ?

Merlin/Leonard is a consulting firm that specializes in Marketo, the marketing automation solution, and all the Martech stack that completes Marketo.

Our ambition is to bring to your marketing magic and genius so that you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

We offer marketing automation consulting, projects, training and support on Marketo and on the other Martech solutions that we support.

What makes us unique?

First, we are one of the most important Marketo partners in France, with more than 80 happy customers, from the start-up to the enterprise account.

Second topic, we have been using internally for a long time all the solutions we support. And we try to push further everyday the limit of marketing automation.

So we have Marketo and Salesforce for our own business needs, along with Twentythee for the video marketing, Limber for the social amplification, Xeno for the chatbot and plenty other solutions for the advanced reporting, text messaging, content management…

Third topic, we have a proven track record of integrating Marketo in the rest of the information system.
We can discuss wit h your IT department, train then on the Marketo APIs and best practices, and define with them the best architecture for the integration.

Fourth topic, we aim for you to be autonomous on Marketo. We have defined the shortest project and training pack that will bring you to the autonomy of this solution.
Today, more than half of my customers don’t use my services anymore

Fifth topic, we run every Friday one hour of free support on Marketo, you are welcome !

You can register in the link in the description.
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