The digital transformation of AFP’s marketing 2020 11 12


This webinar is for you if:

👉 You want proof that digital transformation isn’t just for ETIS and startups
👉 You’re wondering what the tangible results of this transformation are
👉 You want to have the keys to transform a large company
👉 You want to understand how the different phases of digital transformation are linked together

What you’ll get out of the replay of this webinar:

Nicolas Giraudon, AFP’s marketing director, is interviewed by Sylvain Davril, founder of the Merlin/Leonard agency and B2B Marketing specialist. He delivers a candid account of the transformation project he led at AFP.

  1. Nicolas explains to us what the challenges were for AFP at the beginning of its transformation, the obstacles to change, and how he responded in concrete terms.
  2. What objectives did he set with management, how did he share his first results?
  3. Why did AFP choose Marketo as its marketing automation platform? How did Marketo become central to this transformation?
  4. Sylvain Davril from Merlin/Leonard shares the best practices inherited from 80 digital marketing transformation projects: content strategy, marketing automation, demand generation…
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